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Could Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Put Your Event At Risk

Could Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Put Your Event At Risk?

It’s no secret that Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) has revolutionized the world of business. Remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) is a service used to ensure that speakers and audiences can communicate effectively during events regardless of potential language barriers. 

With Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), experienced interpreters around the world are able to join in real-time through cloud-based platforms. As more and more events become virtual, RSI has emerged as an essential tool to help make sure everyone can understand each other. It’s an essential tool for marketers looking to create engaging, memorable experiences for attendees.

Often, at LangPros, we’re faced with this question from our audience: “Could Remote Simultaneous Interpretation put my event at risk if something goes wrong?”,  so let’s take a closer look at how RSI works, the most common concerns clients tend to express, and if RSI is right for your event. 

How does Remote Simultaneous Interpretation work? 

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation is the process of interpreting live audio from one language into another in real time. The interpreter listens to the speaker on headphones and speaks into a microphone in the target language, while the audience hears their interpretation through speakers or headsets. 

For example, if you have an English speaker at your event, his words will be translated into Spanish for Spanish-speaking attendees. This allows everyone in attendance to understand the message being communicated without having to worry about language barriers. 

What are the potential risks of using Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, and should I be worried?

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more organizations look for innovative and cost-effective ways to bridge language barriers at their events. 

While it can be a useful alternative to in-person interpreting for ensuring that everyone in attendance understands what’s being said, in the hands of the wrong service provider it can pose a potential threat to your event. 

One of the risks of using remote interpreters instead of on-site interpreters is the occurrence of technical issues due to poor internet connections or audio lags which could cause disruptions during your event. 

Thankfully, with careful contingency planning, the right equipment, and the necessary technical expertise – the kind that you can expect from an interpreting service provider with a proven track record of delivering seamless language service experiences – these risks can be reduced to virtually zero, so that you can enjoy the advantages of RSI without any unwanted surprises.

In addition to the technical aspects unique to remote language services, when RSI is delivered by the wrong service provider other challenges may arise that are common to interpreting services, be it in person or remote. 

One such challenge is that interpreters may not always be knowledgeable enough about the topic being discussed or may not interpret correctly due to miscommunications between them and the speaker. This could lead to misunderstandings among attendees, potentially damaging your event’s reputation and making it difficult to measure success afterward. 

Once again, choosing a well-established, reputable language service provider can make all the difference between a faultless experience and a huge embarrassment: an experienced and trustworthy provider with a extensive pool of language professionals to choose from will be able to provide the right interpreters with the necessary range of skills and competences, thus ensuring that your event unfolds with no hiccups.

The bottom line? Choosing a service provider with a proven track record of seamless language service delivery is paramount to your event’s and your organization’s success.

If you’re looking for seamless, accurate Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, look no further. Contact us at LangPros today, and let’s make your event successful by bridging the language gap and creating an accessible online experience.

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