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Revolutionizing Multilingual Communication at a Global Event

The 2022 Dubai event at the Coca-Cola Arena, hosted by a leading multilevel marketing company, was a logistical and linguistic feat. With over 6000 attendees from around the globe, including countries like Colombia, Mexico, South America, France, Russia, Korea, Japan, Portugal, Brazil, India and several Arab countries, the need for impeccable simultaneous interpreting services was paramount. The objective was to introduce the company’s latest offerings in a way that resonated across the diverse linguistic landscape of the attendees.


  • Provide flawless simultaneous interpreting for a multitude of languages over two extensive days of presentations by speakers coming from all over the world for the occasion.
  • Employ a solution that marries technical excellence with cost-effectiveness, given the financial implications of traditional Infrared interpreting equipment, in terms of installation and management.
  • Enhance attendee experience by leveraging state-of-the-art technology for real-time interpreting.
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Solution and Implementation

Langpros crafted a hybrid solution that ingeniously combined the human touch of experienced specialized simultaneous interpreters with groundbreaking technology:

  • Senior Interpreters On-site: We engaged 12 expert interpreters for six languages, ensuring each term and nuance was perfectly translated working from ISO certified interpreting booths setup in the Arena.
  • Advanced App Technology: Our expert technicians utilized a specialized application for translation distribution to bypass the need for conventional infrared receivers, directing attendees to live translations on their smartphones.

Challenges and Innovative Approaches

  1. Attendee Orientation: We produced comprehensive guides and video tutorials on app usage, distributed well in advance and displayed at the venue, to acclimate attendees to the innovative system.
  2. Robust Wi-Fi Solution: Our technicians deployed an Internet Bonding Router to amalgamate various internet connections, increasing capacity and maximizing data handling capabilities while balancing individual device access to the translation feed.
  3. Audio Equipment Provision: We procured and provided disposable headphones for Android and IOS phones, ensuring compatibility with all devices and enhancing individual listening experiences.
  4. Power Management: Our technicians advised on the necessity of battery packs and provided charging points for smartphones guaranteeing uninterrupted access to the service throughout the event’s duration.
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The approach not only delivered linguistic precision and operational smoothness but also presented significant cost savings. Notably, in a prior event in Europe, the client faced over €150,000 in charges due to the loss of traditional infrared receivers during the event. The innovative use of app technology at the Dubai event eliminated this risk entirely, saving thousands of dollars and preventing potential logistical headaches.


This case study underscores Langpros’ role as a pioneer in the field of translation and interpreting services. By seamlessly blending expert human resources with cutting-edge technological solutions, we ensured the event’s success across multiple dimensions: linguistic accuracy, attendee satisfaction, and cost efficiency.

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